Thursday, August 10, 2017

Morning with Magda

The dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico 
has grown to the size of New Jersey.
You imagine it as a hovering brown smear 
that burps neon green bubbles 
of phytoplankton rot.
The water along the edge 
churns thickly with the current,
a clear line between
business as usual
and suffocation. 

Your stir cream into your coffee.
The synthetic hazelnut flavor
coats your tongue
bitter and sharp. 
Cat hair brambles gather
at the edge of the kitchen table. 
You are not sure 
if you are doing any of this right,
if you are choking
in the brown/neon green slick
or if you are just wide awake. 

Written for my Out of Standard prompt at Real Toads: write about something you can't completely see. Here I am exploring...well, can you guess, do you get it?? :)