Sunday, February 3, 2019

Millenial AF

You thought it was romantic
to eat raspberries from the bush
in the moonlight. 
You couldn’t see the thorns,
and they shredded your palm warm. 
The taste of iron
greeting you in the night. 

Written in response to the Art Flash / 55 prompt over at Imaginary Toads. The prompt was to be inspired by the below image from David Bulow -  

The image reminded me of the wonderful yet perilous state of contentment.  That is was the starting point for this poem. 


  1. Oh... and it all started with the best of intentions.
    Never experienced raspberry bramble in darkness, summer nights are way to bright in Sweden.

  2. So much for thinking you were romantic..Love it from beginning to turning point.

  3. Aiiiyyyeeyaaaa this is stupendous work, Izy!!!❤️

  4. Ahaha, I love the title. There's a dry humour along with a certain sadness in this image and scenario.
    A search for romance mostly turns thorny. Millennials know this better than most.

  5. All of the above, Izy, and I love the splash of colour in the moonlight. Shame about the thorns.

  6. Not everyone has the same taste for being romantic. Like "One man's poison." Glad you wrote and are having some Toad fun.

  7. The shredding of palm warm feels so vivid, a ripping warming gone liquid and red.

  8. It is never quite as romantic as it seems though, is it?

    As always you know how to come out of left field, surprising us all and showing us how it is done.
    Viva la!